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With KATE & TOM we want to bring positivity, liveliness and beautiful products to our guests and customers and connect like-minded people. To achieve this goal, we rely on the best organic ingredients, craftsmanship, community events and long-term partnerships with passionate people and companies from a wide variety of fields who love craftsmanship as much as we do and believe in mutual strength through cooperation.

As an innovative company that wants to make a positive impact on nature and society, we know that the world is full of good ideas and that some things only arise in conversation. And so cooperation with other companies, organisations, cooperatives and passionate people from all over the world is a fundamental part of our corporate-strategy.

The possibilities of a partnership with KATE & TOM are manifold and we want to encourage passionate people, small and medium-sized businesses as well as sustainable companies to share beautiful, handmade products, impeccable ingredients, useful services or other high-quality and durable products with the KATE & TOM COMMUNITY.

If you are interested in a cooperation with KATE & TOM and can identify with our philosophy, we are looking forward to get to know you, your unique company, your special product or your service better and to see how we can do something good for nature and society together. You are welcome to contact us directly: