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crackers beside artichoke-dip
colorful truffles on black slate plate
crostini with pea- hummus, almondricotta and radishes
fully-loaded sweetpotatoes with chilli and herbs
ramenbowl with noodles, red cabbage, mushrooms and tofu - wooden chopsticks next to it
plant-based Burger with ketchup and cheddar
red beet ravioli filled with cashew-cheese
femlae hands holding a bowl with polenta - topped with shiitake mushrooms and salad
avocado soup with red cabbage salad and flower
three orange medlars on a dark plate
red, green and yellow cocktail on black plate
cashew-cheese with herbs, crackers and mustard on a white plate
yellow summer squash noodles with green souce on black plate
pancakes with strawberries and bananas