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The good life is full of happiness and joy. - K&T

fennel- and clementine slices with clementine-'beurre blanc' with buckwheat


KATE & TOM – founded 2019 by Ann-Katrin and Thomas Wandl – is a multifaceted, living and positive brand that operates in six fields of activity: Hospitality, Education, Media, K&T COMMUNITY, Wellness and Services.

With KATE & TOM we pursue clear goals: We want to enhance well-being, reconnect people with nature and themselves, embrace creativity and most important make people happy and smile. Put simply: We want to inspire to live the good life!

When it comes to how we eat and live, we see the world differently. At KATE & TOM we are convinced that plant-based cuisine can be refined and creative and that a conscious lifestyle – apart from stress and fast pace – should take up more space in our modern world.

With our great passion for well-being and plant-based cuisine we want to show that enjoyment and a conscious lifestyle complement each other optimally and make it this way an experience.

red beet ravioli filled with cashew-cheese

There was a distant time in which we all lived in harmony with nature. Big efforts were put into the whole circle of nourishing life – ingredients of the best kind, grown and harvested by oneself, cooked with love and respecting nature that nurtured us. We only took what was there in abundance, had knowledge about food, herbs and spices and their positive effects on our well-being and health.

All of this is centuries old and hence the knowledge about it is of existential importance to us humans, many traditions evolved globally out of it. Times have changed as well as our way of living. For us at KATE & TOM these traditions and the underlying knowledge are what we want to rediscover. We want to learn and bring our understanding on a new contemporary level to share it with the world. It is the simplicity through sincerity and honesty that we want to bring back into all our lives.

For us the good life means: nourishing food made out of the best seasonal ingredients, places of gathering, the celebration of life, a vivid community of like-minded people from all over the world as well as beautiful memories that are ever lasting.

As a multifaceted and positive brand that operates in various business segments we invite you to become part of the KATE & TOM COMMUNITY. Join us whenever you need a break or inspiration, search for relaxation, want to celebrate life or simply want to be with like-minded people.

Thomas and Ann-Katrin stand behind an artichoke plant - Thomas points at it