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With KATE & TOM we want to create wellbeing and inspire to see nature, plant-based food and life differently.

fennel- and clementine slices with clementine-'beurre blanc' with buckwheat


KATE & TOM is a lifestyle-brand focused on well-being and plant-based cuisine. With KATE & TOM we want to create innovative and high-quality products which enhance well-being and reconnect people with nature.

When it comes to how we live and eat, we see the world differently. We think plant-based food can be refined and creative and that a conscious lifestyle – apart from stress and fast pace – should take up more space in our modern time.

With our great passion for plant-based cuisine we want to show that culinary enjoyment, well-being and a conscious lifestyle complete each other optimally and make it this way an experience.

Everything we do is based upon our desire to reconnect people with nature and themselves – and inspire them to live the good life.

Thomas and Ann-Katrin stand behind an artichoke plant - Thomas points at it