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Thomas and Ann-Katrin in casual outfit standing in front of white wall


Ann-Katrin (born 1987) and Thomas Wandl (born 1985) founded KATE & Tom 2019 due to their wish for change and their desire for authenticity and creation. After investing years in learning and understanding they decided to bring their ideas to life and make others happy and smile.

With their huge passion for culinary arts, yoga, well-being and nature they want to bring happiness, inspiration and creativity to the world and inspire others to see life and food with different eyes.

Their biggest aim with KATE & TOM is to establish the KATE & TOM COMMUNITY – a platform for like-minded people who want to celebrate life and live their creativity together with KATE & TOM. This way they want to inspire and encourage more and more people to live the good life.

Thomas and Ann-Katrin in casual outfit lean on a tree

As brand manager Ann-Katrin cares for all the creation, innovation and communication at KATE & TOM while Thomas focuses primarily on corporate development and corporate strategy. A strong partnership where both can live their strengths to the fullest which enables them to bring their ideas to life and create beautiful places, moments and products for the KATE & TOM COMMUNITY.

A day without happiness is a lost one. - K&T

Ann-Katrin leans against a tree
Thomas and Ann-Katrin lean against each other with their heads
Thomas leans against a stone wall