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Thomas and Ann-Katrin in casual outfit standing in front of white wall


Ann-Katrin Möstl and Thomas Wandl are entrepreneurs and self-taught-chefs with a huge passion for nature and plant-based cuisine.

Inspired by the various possibilities that plant-based cuisine offers, different cultures and great international chefs, they learned to see plants in a whole new and exciting way. As pioneers of a modern and contemporary plant-based cuisine they want to show its diversity, fun and culinary enjoyment.

It was their wish for change and their longing for originality and authenticity that encouraged them to found their lifestyle-brand KATE & TOM.

Thomas and Ann-Katrin in casual outfit lean on a tree

Since the opening of their first hospitality concept – KATE & TOM'S DELI in Vienna – they are always looking for rarities of plants and new tastes to offer the huge variety of plant-based food.

All of their concepts are based on best organic ingredients, innovative techniques and creative combinations. Paired with their passion for modern design they bring plant-based food to the mainstream and make KATE & TOM to a unique brand in this field.

Ann-Katrin leans against a tree
Ann-Katrin and Thomas in elegant outfit outside - stone wall as background
Thomas leans against a stone wall